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Rest in Sevan / Blog
Rest in Sevan
The distance between the resort town Sevan and the capital Yerevan is 63 km. Freshwater, …
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Rest and Treatment
After boring winter while getting ready for our vacation we try to combine rest and …
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Blog / Photo-session in Armenia
Photo-session in Armenia
You spend your vacation in Armenia. Visit different places, do climbing, participate in horseback riding
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Blog / Organization of tours in Armenia
Organization of tours
It's not the first year that our company organizes top-level tours for foreigners. We organize not …
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About Us /Gallery / Harvesting / About Us Cross Resort
Harvesting / Enjoy family rest and participate in harvesting. Do you know why every year …
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Blog / Events Organization
Events Organization
Our company deals with different kinds of events organization, and year by year we’re having …
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Children’s guide
Children’s guide
The majority of married couples, who have children prefer to spend their holidays with them. …
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About Us / / Home/ Cross Resort / “Cross Resort” 6 Years Old
“Cross Resort” 6 Years Old
Our team has already been 6 years that opened its' hospitable doors to our lovely …
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