Children’s guide in the city
Holidays with children in Yerevan
Where to visit in Armenia with children?

Children’s guide / The majority of married couples, who have children prefer to spend their holidays with them. But sometimes when abroad it’s a problem what to do with the baby, how to spend time with them and where to go with them.

Children’s guide

Guests of Armenia won’t face this problem if they get acquainted with our guide.

Children’s guide / Cross Resort is the ideal place to rest with children. Open and closed pools, children’s playground, fruit trees, from which children can reap fruits with their own hands, the opportunity to run and play active games in an open-air won’t leave any child indifferent.

Erevan’s Zoo has recently celebrated its 70 year anniversary. Related to this anniversary the Zoo was replenished with new animals, such as Capricorn, monkeys( mandrills, lemurs, Egyptian flying dogs). You can not only see animals but even talk with some of them, also feed some with the permission of the staff. Animals live in wild boxes, and to look at how they behave, how they eat, or how they play, you can do it hours. Zoo staff tries to create settlements close to natural animals’ settlements, that’s why they force them to hunt food by themselves by hanging fruits, vegetables, meat in closed boxes so they’ll jump a few meters, and earn their food by themselves.

In Zoo’s territory children can play with clowns, and have fun in different entertainment activities.

The Exotarium in some way can replace the zoo. It’s located in the center of the city. There you can see crocodiles, lizards, snakes, parrots, and funny monkeys. The child is allowed to feed wonderful parrots, and even ride the huge tortoise.

In Yerevan, you can find lots of carousels. Visiting the Victory Park will give great pleasure to not only children but also adults.

As the Victory Park is located in one of Erevan’s high-up places, the wide-open view is really breathtaking. In the parking area, there’s a small pond, where you can drive a small boat and relax from the city’s noise.

One of the children’s favorite places is the children’s railway, which is located in the gorge.

Railway’s length is approximately 2km. Adults and children can ride in a train, which has outdoor carriages. The fee for the ride is symbolic, and children under 3 is free.

Children’s cafes in Erevan are very popular. Various festive events, labyrinths, lots of active games, small carousels, delicious food, all this will attract your child.