Events Organization

Our company deals with different kinds of events organization, and year by year we’re having more and more customers.

We organize events and celebrations considering our guest’s desires, age, and financial opportunities.

We’ll help you organize this event:

  • Individual events, such as birthdays, marriages, children’s events.
  • Organization of corporations.
  • Organization of conferences and seminars.
  • Sports events.
  • Business training.
  • I.C.E Service: high-level organization and holding important business meetings.
  • Entertainment programs.


Our company takes on all the organizational issues.

You can have any class car, starting from the economy till V.I.P, guide driver’s service, event’s host, inviting famous artists, presentation of decor, the appropriate venue choice.

Our company has highly qualified specialists with great work experience, who’ll do anything possible to make your day unforgettable.

Contact us, and you’ll find out yourself.

Wedding organizations in Armenia

Organizing weddings abroad is considered as a new type of tourism service, which is undergoing intense development recently.

A lot of young couples decide to celebrate the most important day, not in the standard way. But while making such a decision, you should think deeply not to meet with bitter disappointment. What makes you think about spending that day abroad:

  • It’s not always that you have stable sunny weather in your country, and there’s a huge risk that it’ll rain during the most important day.
  • It’s too alluring to combine the honeymoon and wedding day together.
  • And the last and most important reason is wanting to stay alone in a romantic atmosphere.


Why it’s worth it to spend your wedding in Armenia, and what our company can offer you?

  • Armenia is an ancient state with a rich culture and historical heritage. Armenia is the first state to accept Christianity.
  • Weather conditions: from March till October it’s dry and sunny weather in the country.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Comfortable hotels and private houses for any type of person.
  • Delicious cuisine, a wide range of fruits and vegetables, brandy and wine, which is widely recognized all over the world.

Our company will help you organize a wedding ceremony, which is fully matching your wishes.

Contact us, and you’ll find out yourself.