Harvesting / Enjoy family rest and participate in harvesting. Do you know why every year we look forward to the summer?. Because in Cross Resort family rest’s is adding harvesting and turned into a real celebration. We help to make summer days, our guests and their children, incredibly interesting and unforgettable. They say fruits are much tastier if they are collected from the trees themselves. Family relaxation is important in an environment where it is quiet, the air is clean and the place is safe.

At Cross Resort, family rest is filled with fruit trees. Most of all, our guests are happy and energize, especially the process of mulberry harvesting. At Cross Resort has so many fruit trees that it will not be enough to taste all the fruits in one day. We look forward to the summer in order to taste the juicy apricots, sweet cherries, and delicious cherry fruits. And do you want to have unforgettable moments along with your family vacation at Cross Resort?